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Dr. Pusterla - The Architekt

The Rock!

If you want the best service, shop at The Rock!


Audiovision is a very good German home theater magazine!

Hifi links

HIFI-LINK is a danish link site with a lot of links


The best HT forum on the net!

Heimkino technik

Heimkino-technik is a Great german site about home theater components and more.


German forum about home theaters.


A German site to shop for your theater.

Amateur hometheater

A great site to find lots of information about home theaters.


Bravenet- A Teriffic site for FREE web tools!!

Max the bulldog!

The Double-A-Theater

Mysphyt's Home Theater


Thomas Eberharts Home Theater site

Matthias Peukerts Home Theater


Scotts Home Theater

Michaels Home Theater

Dannys Home Theater

Andis Home Theater

Max Home page

Martin's Hometheater

The Abars Hometheater

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