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Max the Bulldog
Its NOW Official!


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Its official-
Internets, most sought after bachelor is Taken!
Max, known as "The Bulldog" has a girlfriend!
Her name is Meadhbh. (pron. Mave)
She is a 2 year old brunette from Johannesburg (South Africa).
"When I first saw her lovley eyes, I started trembling" Max tells Bulldog Bulletin, in his first interview this year.
"Destiny brought us together!"
"Meadhbh wrote me a fan letter and my heart immediate felt that she was the one for me."
"She is the GIRL of my life! Max repeats several times during the interview.
"Its hard to have a long distance relationsip, but we are going to make it! Meadhbh is moving to Europe soon, its gonna be a blast!!" Says Max proudly.

Meadhbh, The love of my life!!!

"Isnt she adorable?"
"That smile makes me all warm and tingeling inside!"
Max slowly stutters.

Meadhbh  sleeping......

"Look, Look!! She does the same tongue trick as I do while sleepling!! Oh, I wish I could hold her now..."
Says Max slowly, and I can see a tear in his left eye...