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Max the Bulldog
My Birthday Party Part 2


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My Birthday, the second part!

When the guests arrived I got this "rug" as a gift!
I use it to drool on while Im waiting for my dinner to get ready!
And Im telling ya, that usually takes much to LONG!

My present!

Then it was cake time!
I got my own "much to small" bowl with, I dont know what?
But it tasted great!


Then I walked to the kitchen, and to my big surprise, "they" had forgotten to take the last Muffin!
I helped them out


I was still hungry, so I desided to go out to the garden!
"SHE" has planted italian giant tomatos and I often take one as a snack after lunch!


Im just looking! Okay?

Hey Man! Im just taking a look!!

After that I neded some rest!
I tried to sleep in my comfy beanbag, but "they" talked so loud, I couldnt hear myself snoring!!
So I moved to a more quiet place....

...the sofa in the TV room!

Now Im 2 years old!
Lifes great!