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Max the Bulldog
About Me


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As you allready know my name is Max.
Im 2 years old and life is generally good to me, exept when "they" chase me with that HORRIBLE vacuumcleaner!!

Me taking a walk....

"They" sometimes drag me out in the cold, saying- its good for me!
Ha, I know whats good for me!
Staying at home, sleeping in that nice, warm waterbed.....sigh...

This is nice..........

My day starts at around 09:00 am when I get up and eat my breakfast.
If it dosent rain or snow, I go out "doing you know what" in the garden.
Then its time for my morning nap.
Around 11:30-12:00 its time for LUNCH!
After that I take my rooster and give him a real workout!!
But thats hard work and soon I have to take a nap for a couple of hours.
Suddenly "she" has to drag me out on a walk.
I usually dont go far from home, I just stop and then we walk home again! He,he!
When "he" gets home I pretend that Im really glad, and then I usually get myself a snack from "his" lunch box!
Soon its time for dinner, after that I give my rooster or ball a go.
Nap time again.
At around 11:00 pm "they" wake me up and tell me its time to go to bed!

My Rooster gets what he deserves!

Me shaking that stupid rooster!


Do you mind?
Im trying to relax here!!