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Max the Bulldog
My Birthday Party


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My Birthday Party!
Part one.

I had my second birthday party only a few days ago!
"She" told me that - this year, we are only having a small family party!
What a bummer! That means less gifts for me!
Then "She" tells me that - You must take a bath before the guests arrive!
That was the second bummer!
I dont fancy taking baths that much you see
But I do enjoy what comes after!

"He" calls me YABBA THE HUT!

After I had my shower, I usually sit and watch myself in the mirror while Im drying..
I look pretty darn good if I might say it myself...

The Hair Dryer.....mhhhhmmhhhh

This is the best part!
I get this "massage" with the hairdryer.
I LOVE it!!

feeeeels goood!

Earlier that day I got this BIG ugly snake as a gift from "Them"!
The first thing it does is attacking me!
First I got almost paralysed, but as the damn snake tryed to strangle me, I slowly felt the rage building up inside of me!


As you know we Bulldogs used to fight much bigger things than this 2 meter long beast!
So I began to chew on him as a MANIAC!
As you can see on the pictures Im a real PRO!


Pitbull is my middle name!
Ever heard the word Overkill?


After I finished him off, "She" told me that the snake had to get washed...
And here you see me pulling the snake out of the washing machine after it got washed.

snaky and me..

My Birthday Party Part 2